I’ve known my husband for many years and I always thought he should be into watches. He likes gadgets, he’s a collector, he likes to research things. But anytime I ever mentioned the idea of him getting a watch he said no. He’s not a jewelry guy – he wears his white gold wedding band but that’s it. And I kind of love that he’s so masculine and uncomplicated. But a watch however, I always thought he’d look good in a watch. With that said, he is a leftie so that was that and we never revisited the idea too seriously.

Until I bought my watch. I was enjoying it so much that for kicks, I got him a Timex from Walmart. And from there awakened an interest that was probably waiting to be released all along. After wearing the Timex for several weeks, he started looking around for watches. And from that point on, I don’t even know what happened. He went from 0 to 12 watches within a year. Just like that.

His first watch was the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. Something about the vintage styling with the soft and unusual blue dial, cathedral hands, interesting number font, cool pointer date movement, that just worked. it was a 40 mm case size though, and with his wrist size being just under 6″ (yes we’ve measured both our wrists which shows we’re both all in), he realized that he preferred the more vintage feel of the 36 mm case size. He eventually sold the blue one to his brother and got an equally handsome, old school chalkboard-green dial. Absolutely unique and perfect as a first watch – though he still credits the Timex as being his first.

We now get to say we have a truly shared hobby. It’s ironic because most watch enthusiasts are guys yet I’m the one who sparked his interest in Hodinkee and countless Youtube watch channels. Since then, there hasn’t been a single day that he hasn’t asked me the exact same question: ‘What do you think of this watch?’ from his Chrono24 and eBay searches. I live vicariously through him too, as mechanical watches are generally more available and affordable for men. But I love seeing his eyes light up about something we are both into. I knew it all along – he has always been a watch guy.

That was my perspective on how he got into this hobby, but figured he should also weigh in…

GSHusband wrote:

Never wore watches – just didn’t see the point. But, it all started with my lovely wife and her Baume and Mercier.

I was surprised with the bill and could not fathom a watch being more than a hundred dollars. Yet, I had to admit the diamond markers and mother of pearl face (which does not come out in photos) was very classy. Her smile was worth every penny!

Didn’t think much of it then but recall being puzzled that her enthusiasm continued post purchase; I noticed her reading Hodinkee articles, watching video reviews and even going through forums. We met each other (love at first sight) in our twenties and yet I’d never seen her have such intensity on a singular “hobby”.

She slowly won me over that a modern world (clocks are everywhere… we have phones) that wrist watches were still relevant. Hey, maybe a watch would be cool. A month later, I was surprised with a $75 quartz Timex from Walmart. So I put it on, and as I wore it that week, I started to get what she meant.

Now it’s my favourite hobby, not only because it checks the right boxes (collectable, technical, fashionable, historical) but also because “watch enthusiasts” come from all sorts of backgrounds and we can share a common dialogue… especially with my wife and family.