Just a quick post about our ‘styling’ job on our kitchen shelves. This is one of my favourite views of our kitchen. My husband and I went through many different accessories and tried out different heights and colours. This combination seems to work just right.

A couple of things that worked for us:

  • We kept most items white and silver and glass with some small pops of colour. Keeping it all in the same colour family helps to make everything look unified. The glass creates sparkle (which unfortunately doesn’t come across in the photo).
  • For shorter items, we created height by stacking books underneath them.
  • The Kitchenaid stand mixer on the countertop is a classic and in my opinion, elevates the look of any kitchen.
  • We found that keeping most of the accessories kitchen-related looks best, so it looks like it belongs there.
  • We put repeating items, such as two different pitchers and stacked espresso mugs, to again make it look cohesive.